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Awake By Design are a modern, melodic metal band encompassing the best of the Euro metal genre. Awake By Design was originally formed in December 2007 by vocalist Adrian Powell. Their first album gained the band quick recognition via publications such as Powerplay, Classic Rock and Terrorizer Magazines as well as on the TV and radio via the BBC. This widespread approval and acclaim led to support slots with some highly acclaimed Metal and Rock acts during 2010-2013 such as My Dying Bride, Anathema, Apocalyptica, Diamondhead, Sonata Arctica, Queensryche, Lacrimas Profundere and Curved Air, culminating in Awake By Design performing at Bloodstock Festival in the summer of 2013.

Awake By Design consists of Adrian Powell on vocals, Dave Favill – Bass Guitar, Luke Hatton – Electric Guitar, Janson Sissons – Keyboards and Chris Wilkinson – Drums. They have recently released ‘Carve The Sun,’ their second full-length album following their debut, ‘Sentiment’.

They are regularly compared to classic and contemporary metal bands including Nightwish, Iron Maiden, Moonspell and Sonata Arctica due to their clear focus on melody, catchiness and their larger than life, epic sound. Recent reviews have been quoted commenting on Carve The Sun:


Awake By Design are definitely set to impress melodic metal and power metal fans upon the release of Carve The Sun … 8/10

– Woody’s Rock Reviews


Awake By Design have clearly listened to some decent music themselves over time and they have picked up some similarities but also have a pretty distinctive sound of their own… 4/5

– Midlands Metalheads


Be it in the beautiful vocals (I’m not kidding, this guy has an amazing voice!), the enchanting keyboard synths or the Dragonforce esqe guitar solos that fill Carve The Sun with so much life… 8/10

– Smash Mouth Metal


Awake By Design have toured across the UK promoting Carve The Sun and have recently begun working with the LMC Records on future releases.

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