Luke Hatton

Luke began playing guitar at the tender age of seven, initially taking spanish guitar lessons at primary school and then advancing onto electric guitar lessons outside school, firstly being taught by local guitar teacher and finger-style guitar maestro Andy Turner, and later by the critically acclaimed Simon Lees (ex-Budgie, current Anubis guitarist). Luke found his place in the local music scene early through playing at open mic nights, and meeting fellow musicians. His musical journey has seen him play shows across Europe with the NWOBHM band Cloven Hoof, record for a number of bands and also record and produce his own solo albums. Luke joined Awake By Design in the Autumn of 2014.


Name: Luke Christopher Hatton

D.O.B: 21/11/1993

Hometown: Brewood, Staffordshire

Gear: Jackson SL3, Jackson KEXTMG, Charvel Model 6, Boss GT-8, Rotosound strings, Dunlop Jazz III plectrums

Top bands: Iron Maiden, Edguy, Whitesnake, Sonata Arctica, Killswitch Engage, BFMV

Top Albums: Hours – Funeral For A Friend, American Idiot – Green Day

Top Songs: Elysium – Stratovarius, Mistress of the Forest – Cloven Hoof

Favourite Food: Prawns, Fish… Anything that swims

Favourite Drink: Tea, Guinness, Ale

Favourite Films/TV: Pokemon, Takeshi’s Castle, You’ve Been Framed, Anything made by Dreamworks, Pixar or Disney

Best ABD Moment: First meeting Jans’ beard!

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